G940 joystick profile for IWAR-2

Today I purchased the re-released version of ‘Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos’ from Good Old Games. The game is best played with a joystick, so I spend some time configuring it to work with the G940. I’ll post the map here, so other players can benefit from it. Be sure to read the readme-file for instructions on how to install the map!

G940 joystick profile for Aces High 2

Back again with a new profile. Presented here is a ‘quick and dirty’ profile for use with the simulation Aces High 2. It is pretty functional, but you’ll probably want to tinker with it some more. The reason for this is that I don’t really play AH2 much myself. A fellow G940 owner needed help configuring his stick, so I downloaded the game and spent an hour in it’s offline practice mode to cobble this together. It’s not the ultimate profile, but at least it should get you airborne and let you score some hits. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

You can download the input maps (contained in a .ZIP file) by clicking here. Be sure to have a look at the readme file as well, which is also included in the archive.

G940 joystick profile for DCS:Black Shark

After releasing the recent ROF-profiles for the G940, I thought it might be nice to put my maps for DCS:Black Shark up for download as well. Why? Well, basically because the Logitech G940 seems like an ideal HOTAS for the complex simulation that is DCS: Black Shark. The stick’s vast array of buttons and dials, combined with it’s powerful force-feedback capabilities, give the user a very complete amount of control over the virtual Ka-50. Since it’s release however, a lot of people (myself included) have been struggling to find an optimum configuration for this sim. As a result, a lot of topics have been devoted to the G940′s setup. This is an attempt at basic profile, suited for newcomers to the simulation, like me. Most of the mapped keys and functions correspond to the popular tutorial ‘How to take off and blow stuff up‘.

As before, the profiles are contained in a .ZIP-file. Please take note of the readme-file, in wich I explain a lot of the profile’s settings and provide instructions on how to use it. I’d would welcome feedback as on how to improve the maps. I hope you’ll enjoy the results of my experiments!

Edit 31-05-2010: put up a slightly revised profile, that enables the user to slew the Ku31 Shkval-targeting frame in all directions using the stick’s D-PAD. (Would love to be able to use the mini-stick for this though!)

*extra* “Light” G940 profiles for Rise of Flight (driver 5.09)

Back again for a quick update: My ROF-input maps now come in two flavors: ‘LIGHT’ and ‘TIGHT’. :)

Following a post on the Logitech-forums I created some new input-maps for Rise of Flight. The handling of planes feels very much like they did with 5.08 driver installed, provided you combine their use with the settings outlined in the readme.txt. The ‘light’-profiles are combined into this .ZIP archive, along with instructions on how to use them. The semi-old ‘tight’ profiles can be found in the post below. Have fun!

*new* G940 joystick profiles for Rise of Flight (driver 5.09)

Right, so Logitech released their long awaited 5.09 driver for the G940. I’ve been playing with it and – contrary to what one might believe when visiting the support forums – find these to be an improvement. (So a big ‘thank you!’ to the Logitech team and their most ‘visible’ members, G940Mark and CharlesB).

That being said, it took a while to re-adjust my settings for Rise of Flight: it can not be denied that the new driverset has made the standard handling of the stick vastly different, resulting in a different behavior of the planes when you fly them using your ‘old’ settings. For instance: while the overall accuracy of the stick is much improved, the force feedback effects on the plane’s control surfaces seem less noticeable at the default configuration. (I noticed this especially in FSX – not so much in ROF). Also, the stick feels a lot more ‘tight’ in it’s default mode, wich I like ( but other people don’t).

Anyway, the new input maps thus have two goals: a). Keep the handling of the planes smooth and responsive, while b). Making the force feedback effects more noticeable. I hope you’ll enjoy the results of these inital experiments! The files are grouped into this .ZIP-archive. As before, there’s a new readme.txt that goes along with them, with instructions on how to use them in the game. The archive contains maps for the following planes:

  • Albatros D.Va
  • Fokker D.VII
  • Fokker Dr.1
  • Nieuport 28.C1
  • Pfalz D.XII
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Sopwith Dolphin
  • SPAD 13.C1

*old* G940 joystick profiles for Rise of Flight (driver 5.08)

I recently purchased the Logitech G940 for use with the WW-1 flightsim ‘Rise of Flight‘ (ROF). I soon found out that both the stick itself and the in-game planes need to be configured for a smooth and/or gratifying experience. To this end, I opened a topic on the subject on the game’s forum and started editing both my G940′s settings and the different ‘control curves’. When I was finished, I decided that other G940-users might like to benefit from my tinkering. So far, I’ve made profiles for the eight different planes I currently own. I’ve put them up for download for you to (hopefully) enjoy. I will update them if I buy more planes or think they can handle better etc. The maps are grouped into this .ZIP archive. Please make sure to read the readme.txt that goes along with them, for instructions on how to use them in the game!

Logitech Flight System G940 review

Recently I decided to buy the Logitech G940, a HOTAS-set that includes a joystick, a throttle and a rudder. I’ve put up a review (in Dutch) on the product here.  A crummy automatic translation in English can be viewed by clicking here. A quick summary:

The good:

+ Complete set
+ Good construction quality
+ Good ergonomics
+ Force Feedback
+ Split throttle
+ Many programmable buttons
+ LED buttons and cards supplied
+ Adjustments for various games through Profiler

The bad:

- No automatic centering
- Damper effect could be better
- ‘Sloppy center’-issue in some games
- Slight Rattling sounds
- Generic manual for the Profiler